The relationship between investors and artists

Graffiti at Facebook's headquarters by David Choe

Seven years ago Facebook paid graffiti artist David Choe with shares for his artwork, which decorates the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto in California. Although he was not convinced about Facebook would become success, he made a gamble and accepted a payment in shares rather than money. It was a gamble that paid off, and now the value of the shares has grown so much it is now worth about $200 million.

This shows that not only businessmen profit from investing in art. The time has come when also artists benefit directly from companies’ profits – a symbiosis which seems to pay off extremely well. If investors invest in, or in other words push, one artist can raise the price of his artworks. What is more, if demand for his artworks increases, the value of their investment increases as well. For this reason, a closer cooperation between investors and with connectors, such as galleries and auction houses, is beneficial for both the investors and for the artists.

Find out more about David Choe (videos, pictures):


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