How to invest in fine art to benefit in the future?

Which art form to buy: 

“The prices now being achieved for old masters just exceeded their 1990 peak, rising strongly in the last year… modern painting is 15% off its peak, contemporary and 19th century is 50% below its peak and the more volatile impressionist market is nearly 70% off the 1990 highs seen at the height of the bull market in Japan. Yet average impressionist prices are still higher than other styles from the period, so modern – and particularly 19th-century – works look relatively good value.”

Value an artwork: 

“…auction prices represent just a quarter of the market, and by excluding some transaction costs. (Dealers tend to sell at approximately double auction prices.) However, the auction system, where prices are public and transparent, is still the best measure of art’s ‘true’ value.”

The prize of fine art: 

“…the more you pay, the lower your return, especially above $50,000 (£29,000). Beyond $2m, the average return was negative.”

Exhibitions influence the market prize:

“Several academic studies have shown a correlation between exhibition attendance and national art prices.”

Import/ Export of Fine Arts:

“…growth in demand for domestic art, notably in the USA and Japan…since 2001 art imports into Japan have grown steadily, while those to the USA have slowed. As the Japanese economy recovers, this may be the next market to watch.”

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