Peter Temple’s opinion about investing in fine arts

On April 27 Peter Temple, a financial journalist, author and consultant investment analyst, is to give a talk on investing in tangible assets and collectibles at the London Investor Show.

He is also going to share his experience of being the author of the books Supperhobby Investing and The Handbook of Alternative Assets and writing the monthly column “Profitable Passions” in the FT and is going to share his experience with the audience.

In this weekend’s edition of the FT he posed the question in his column “Can art be a good investment?”, to which he concluded that art investment is like stock picking; prices are governed by fashion and subject views of what is attractive. But most importantly, by what the market thought is appealing to collectors.

Investing in old masters is never a bad choice and prices of their art works can even be below £10,000 – which is termed  “low-priced art” by experts. However, investing in new artists is a riskier option because investors do not know how the market decides the value of their artworks and therefore, returns can never be predicted. But is this not exactly what makes investing in fine arts even more attractive to people as it is a game triggered of by passion for art?


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