The ten best exhibitions in London

According to a review written by  Paul Cary-Kent, the editor of the Saatchi Online Magazine in which the article appears, the 10 best exhibitions in London’s galleries are are entirely focused on modern art. The artworks of the French, English, German and Brazilian comtemporary artists shown at the exhibitions could not be any more different from each other, with artist having developed his own style, technique and point of view.

The ten artists are producing modern art in such a way which makes its purpose difficult to understand and interpret – but that is what modern art is, is it not? Shall we just accept the tangle of questions which leaves us puzzled and indignant about the artworks and the life the artists seems to live, or shall we not accept this new form of art? This is up to oneself but if modern art is extremely successful and admired, why do some people still prefer to stick to the classics and to the more sophisticated form of fine arts?

For example, when Andy Warhol opened his Factory and had started to produce art on an assembly line he had to deal with citicism for his artworks but still did not change his style. Nowadays, his form of art represents the upcoming of the integration of the medium television in fine arts. For example, he has created several videos with random models, wannabes and designers. He interviewed each of them for exactly fifteen minutes. The outcome of the videos is pretty disillusioning in regards to people’s opinions on models and others famous people he interviewed.


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