Visit Damien Hirst’s exhibition online

The current Damien Hirst exhibition has provoked experts on fine art to comment on Hirst’s art work and how he has changed the Kunst (art) market.

On my blog, I want to give you a clearer picture of why Damien Hirst’s work is the subject of this on-going discussion. I am aware of the fact that a large part of my readership does not live in London and cannot visit the exhibition. That is why I want to use my blog as a platform to give you an unbiased view of the exhibition, and show you what there is to see at the Tate in London.

I am starting a new feature series which will give you the chance to “visit” the current Damien Hirst exhibition – without even going to the Tate Modern. The posts will tell you what a normal newspaper is not telling art lovers, and people who are very critical of contemporary art.


Enjoy the virtual tour through Damien Hirst’s development as an artist.


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