Saatchi on London and Damien Hirst

According to Charles Saatchi (2009), London alone is “breeding artists who organize their own alternative exhibitions in temporary spaces they commandeer.”

Upcoming artists have it easier to find art dealers in London than in the booming art capital for contemporary art that is New York because the massive amount of art galleries there makes it even harder to find an appropriate dealer.

Conquering the British capital is a major milestone in any artist’s career to break through the art market in Europe. 

Saatchi himself discovered a number of well-known artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, who among others have formed the YBA (Young British Artists of the late 1980s).
About twenty years after Damien Hirst’s break-through as a contemporary artist, with his very first show in an old docklands building, critics are saying that he has lost his inspiration and creativity, especially given his current exhibition at the Tate Modern. Saatchi commented on Hirst’s off patch in 2009, but remained loyal to Hirst and ensured that the next show by the deeply gifted artist will be “a winner.” He was right; although Hirst’s retrospective caused a lot of controversy he has managed to get his name out another time and has again increased his status as one of the leading artists in the world today. Even if the exhibition is just encapsulating his past career he is trying to get to terms with his past, perhaps in order to reflect on the path he has been running.

We will see how the international fame of the 2012 exhibition in London, which is part of the events in the Olympic year, will impact on his future inspiration.


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