I’m dead – Brain Activity is over at the Hayward Gallery London

The artist David Shrigley from Macclesfield showed his most recent art works from the 1990s until the present collectively in a funny and original exhibition at the London Hayward Gallery from January until 13 May 2012.

His style is unique, like his subjects. The very first room of the exhibition gives a very clear picture of the different methods and materials he uses: Colourful photographs, black and white comics as well as sculptures and animations, such as shoes and gravestones.

The artist’s approach towards using different media is simple but expressive.

The visual artist, who described his art as a reaction to “come dine with me and to Toy-story” wanting to become a cartoonist, addresses several issues from everyday life packed in a funny and very clear way.

The simplicity of his work is what could make one think that his art is very superficial and carelessly produced. However, one cannot deny that Shrigley can communicate a message with only a few drawn lines; it then becomes clear that his modest way of producing art can have an immense effect on us.

David Shrigley’s art resembles minimalism; it does not touch on the art form of Dada, but constitutes a new innovative form of contemporary art – highly recommendable to get to know about him.


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