The Gagosian Gallery on the hunger for art, in conversation at Art Basel

At Art Basel, the biggest art fair for contemporary and modern art in Europe, I spoke to Ken Maxwell, a sales person at the New York flagship of The Gagosian Gallery.
Surrounded by works by Picasso at the gallery’s booth at Art Basel, he told me what he thinks about the changing demand for art as a treasure investment and how the art market is dealing with the strong demand for art. 

Has demand for art increased since the last couple of years?

KM: Yes absolutely, we have done very well. There is a hunger out here to own top quality of art. People who recognize that in the world are coming out. Europeans collectors have been very active.

The Gagosian Gallery is also exhibiting at Art Miami, what is the difference between Art Basel and Art Miami?

KM: In Miami you have got a lot more access to South and Central America. It still has this European back to it. You are definitely closer to South and Central America collectors, but this is a different kind of environment as Art Basel.
In Miami we tend to show a more contemporary and more risky form of art, while here we work with art which is more iconic.

To which continent or city is the art market going to shift in the future?

KM: We are dealing with such a global audience right now. We’ve got locations worldwide and people from every region are buying our art.
It is an ongoing progress, as far as the collection of Western European Art is growing. Obviously, people have national – or rather regional – pride and well-established concepts. American collectors are still very active as well as Asians.

Which art market is the most emerging one at the moment?

KM: I think there is so much balance. There are many artists who are having their moment and are having a market.

Has it become easier due to the high demand for art to establish themselves as artists?

KM: No, but there is a recognition for artists. The audience has become more aware of the importance of having art around. The market is becoming more global. So has it become easier? – No, it remains a challenge.


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