Tate Modern shows the new Edvard Munch exhibition from Thursday onwards

The Tate Modern is opening the Edvard Munch exhibition “The New Eye” tomorrow, only after his famous painting The Scream has reached a new world-record price for a painting two month earlier.

The show is exhibiting his later works to illustrate so illustrate that he can be considered as a modern artist.

Even though Edvard Munch was suffering from intraocular haemorrhage in his right eye, which affected his sight, he remained painting what he saw.

“He did not paint an imagination, but although we know that his perception of the world had changed when his right eye was damaged he remain to paint what he saw,” told Angela Lampe WatchFineArtsLondon, who curated the exhibition for the Centre Pompidou in Paris with Clément Chéroux.

The exhibition is similar to the ones previously shown in Paris and Frankfurt, but the London exhibition is unique, as it is showing more works by Munch than any of the other museums.

60 paintings, 50 photographs and a short piece of one of his film are shown in London.

The majority of works is coming from the Edvard Munch museum in Oslo.

For the first time people will have the opportunity to see Munch’s series The Green Room, consisting of six paintings showing a weeping woman.

The paintings have different sizes and colour shades; notably, the head and the bed in the background of the painting show different colours – such as orange, purple and red for her head.

The backgrounds to differ from each other, but all of them are trying to give its audience the perspective to glaze inside the room where the woman is standing in.

The aim of the exhibition is to put a different light on Edvard Munch, trying to establish a new image of him – as a modern artist.

Time will show if the exhibition will reach its goal, as more and more people are travelling to London due to the start  of the London Olympics on June 25.

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