Olympics to show who counts to the world’s elite

Spectacular view of the arena in Greenwich ParkThe Olympic Games 2012 taking place in London are an excellent opportunity to share your passion for sports with the world.

Sport lovers, amateurs and non-sports lovers alike are all gathering at the 30 different venues in and around the capital.

They have all come to watch the Olympic who are nothing different than normal people but with well-trained sports skills; apart from the fact that they have devoted their lives to their passion which has enabled them to gain an international reputation due to their skills.

More than 10,000 athletes are competing at the Olympic Games, and they are supposed to be the world’s elite, but is this really the case?

To become a professional sports person there is more to it than being highly motivated, to devoting several hours a day to the training and to performing well in competitions.

As in each business it is about the connections athletes have and how much money they are willing, or to put it another way, how much they are able, to spend on their equipment and trainers.

In equestrianism, which is considered as a sport of the elite as you have to buy a well-bred horse, a quality saddle, a lorry to drive to competitions  and your personal equipment such as clothes to train and to take part in competitions.

Yes, unsurprisingly all of this costs an awful lot of money. However, if you get to meet the right people you do not necessarily have to spend millions, which the majority of riders do not have anyway. But even if you have got money you need to show devotion, passion and ambition to achieve outstanding results like any athlete.

The Olympic Games are a good way to find out who the best or at least the smartest riders are.


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