Gordon Cheung’s stock listing art & the economy not only visible in London

This is, as promised, the first part of the interview with the British-Chinese artist Gordon Cheung.                                 If you want to see his paintings in reality, London Frieze is the place to go (and you might even meet him there).

Lisa Moravec: Art is reflecting our society. If people in the future look back at art from today, will they think that everything was just about economics and money?

Gordon Cheung: Hopefully, there will be people looking back. With my work I want to capture what is going on around us, and for me, the ideology of capitalism and spiritualism is global. Using the stock listing from the Financial Times is a way of using a very direct symbol of what I think of our virtual landscape. If they are looking back, there will be art reflecting this along with real information of our history. The intention is there.

LM: How long have you worked on the idea to use newspapers for your artworks and when have you put into practice?

GC: This was in 1994. Then I have started to use it as a pure material since 1995, because at this point of time the digital and mobile phone revolution was taking place, as well as the internet was becoming available. I wanted to make paintings about that. But when I started at St. Martins on the painting course, I wanted to paint without paint. So I have used collages – newspapers provided the actual information.


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