Part 2: Do we only live in a visual dystopia?

The ancient Greek word “dystopia” means place or landscape. How are you trying to create a new landscape?

Gordon Cheung: The landscape I am interesting in is basically invisible. It is the information landscape, which is floating through us. So I used the traditional image of trying to describe the vastness and the feeling of being a part of this. By twisting colours.

The idea of dystopia came through the tax stock crash in the 90s. Global villages and cyber spaces were blurring and then it was kind of “Oh this is not going to enable us what we want to achieve.”

Then there was the millennium brag, the hysterical fear of having computers exploding into your face. So we entered the new millennium with the fear that the world is going to collapse because of your reliance on technology. This has showed, how little we understood the world which we have created, completely ridiculous. I was deeply fascinated by this.

Then these twin towers of the World Trade Centre, representing the world financial power as a symbol of the only super power at this point of time, were fallen on the television and then leading up to the economic crisis. Within two week the biggest financial companies in the world collapsed and their stock value sank to zero.

Due to Steve Jobs’ creation of the iPad and iPhone we have got the possibility to constantly look at our e-mails, stock price and so on, which has changed our life completely. Do you think that he was created something like hell for us as because we are glued on screens?

Gordon Cheung: Steven Jobs has made a beautiful lifestyle and design object. This change was already happening anyway. No one has thought in the past that texting will be so popular and the technology grew exponentially. The Internet was one of the biggest revolutions ever.

The iPhone and the iPad made the new technology cool.


(The picture Money – see above – was shown at the ASU Art museum in Arizona in the US.) 

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