Kingston’s creativity leading to Frieze Art Fair

Kingston University’s art and design courses are still ranked as top art courses in the country.

The Guardian ranked it the ninth best course in the country this year, straight after Goldsmiths.

KU’s art & design department is looking back at a long history, as it was originally established in 1899 as an independent art school before it has become part of the university.

Hence, it is not surprising that the Kingston area is the home town of much new talent.

Gordon Cheung, who went to school at Kingston College and grew up in Surbiton, has been extremely successful with his art since he started to work in the international art business.

His latest success has been that the New York gallery Lehmann Maupin exhibited one of his painting from his latest series at Frieze, London’s biggest contemporary art fair, next to Tracy Emin’s painting last weekend.

Frieze art fair art showed works of art created from 2000 onwards. Cheung’s piece of art stood out as it was different from the majority of the “new contemporary art” shown as it showed the intellectual work lying behind it. It addressed the critical financial situation of the global economy.

At the fair, his large stock market collage painting was a real eye-catcher.

The area around the Thames’ river channel, where the art department of KU is located is a simulating area for – not only – for KU art students as the Stanley Picker Gallery is just next to it.

Over time, the art department has built a strong relationship with the gallery and with the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), where mainly Ph.D. students get the chance to do more in-depth research.

Next April KU art department is organizing an art conference at the ICA.

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