Kingston goes Success

What do you need to break through in the arts world?

Or the more interesting question would be, what do you need to do differently than all of the others wanting to do the same?

We have seen several Kingston University students set foot in high-profile businesses in fashion, fine art, design and journalism, for example, but what did they do to get themselves noticed?

The latest artistic talent from KU to put herself on the map is Hernrietta Jerram. She created a woolen jumper with big fat words SHEEP THRILLS on the front, which was recently sold at the British fashion label Topshop after winning a national competition.

The material, as well as the idea of creating a large jumper, is nothing new or exciting, but the way she promoted wool, considered to be an “old-fasion” material, made her idea original.

To become a successful artist or set up a businesses having ideas is not enough. What is more important is the way people working in the creative industry approach their consumers.

Essentially, they have to make them believe that their latest creation, or product in other word, is special and unique. And, of course, better than anything else  available on the market.

Showing off what you have created, independent of how far you are in your artistic development, helps to promote yourself and to make the industry aware of your presence.

Always remember, no one will be looking for you, YOU need to jump on opportunities and you need to be fast (faster than the others).

Hence, do not wait until you reach your final year at university to actively start building relationships with the industry.

You can never start to early.


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