Art teaching in London high-schools better than in prestigious university colleges?

 ImageWhy do emerging artists in London not learn how to paint with oil and watercolours, or how to draw with coal and red chalk at university?

And why are emerging fashion designers not taught how to sew or do not even how to use a sewing machine?

Today, it is not obligatory at art and fashion design universities to learn the basics of art production. Obviously, working in the creative industry is not about learning a trade anymore; it is about the idea behind the produced design and art. Hence, art production is rather linked to an artist’s mind not to his or her skills.

However, at the Francis Holland Church of England School for Girls, located next to Regent’s Park, students are still taught how to paint and draw. Additionally, they do have to study history of art. Their recently produced art works displayed that in the school shows which Masters they have to study: Diebenkorn, Picasso and George Braque. The classic innovators of space and depth perception.

ImageConsequently, it is not the British school system which is lacking to educate young people about the traditional way of art production and what art can be. Yet, the majority university/college systems in the vibrant capital of the UK is not paying enough attention on shaping well-educated artists (not only in terms of how to promote themselves and of how to get in touch with the business side of being an artist).

But, if we want to see more Damien Hirsts and Jeff Koons, the main representatives of our epoch of art, becoming along in the closer future then the current art teaching system in London is not at fault for leading young artists away from the traditional approach of producing art.


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