The artistic personality

Being an artist implies that one focuses on his or her emotions, thoughts and personal perception of the world.

“Art students have an individual and personal approach to interpreting the world around them,“ said Dame Elizabeth, who became the first female director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1987, at the opening of the new library at Art and Design department of Kingston University.

An artist starts shaping himself by strongly developing its own opinion, preferences and transmitting them out into the world by exhibiting his artworks.

This development can be regarded as developing his or her very personal artistic style.

After accomplishing this a unique and respected artist is born.

However, it takes a life-time to shape an artist’s personality, as it does with almost every “non-artistic“ person.

Even Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, said that great artists were not producing great work until they are over their thirties. Even he, who was “just” working on the MAC computer design needed a lifetime to succeeded in his forties, after overcome his low creativity period during his thirties.

While some people never find to themselves, or do not need to in order to do a good job at work, artists are well-know for their strong personalities, which seems to be a way to great success in the art world.

A good artist needs to have unique, striking and intellectual ideas and should master to communicate the idea behind his art in a comprehensible way to the public.


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