Kingston the place to merge art and business

The average Kingston University student has probably not heard of the excellent reputation of the art and fashion design department.

Only recently, the design department came 9th in the Red Dot Award ranking, as it is one of the most innovative universities in North America and Europe.

As well, do most of KU students probably have not noticed that Knights Park campus has constantly been producing some of the most aspiring young fashion designers in London.

Graduates are taking on jobs at the world’s leading fashion houses, such as Katie Hildebrand at Givenchy in Paris or Hernrietta Jerram at Abercrombie & Fitch in London.

As art and fashion play a big part of our students’ lives at KU, the university could try to increase the interaction between different departments helping students to share their ideas and inspirations with each other.

Especially, building up a relationship between the business, the social science departments with the arts campus could help students to work together on projects – as well as to set up a businesses.

Connecting art and design students with the ones, who know how business works, is beneficial for both as they equally gain knowledge and will also increase their monetary profit later on.

They could be teaching each other: An art or fashion student explaining what his creative product stands for and the idea behind it, while a business or economic student could help him on the exchange to gain an inside in the game of markets and of selling.

Both benefit, both get taught for free, and both promote the business of art – or shall I better say the art of doing business?


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