Experiencing real life art

Open Art Space Kingston Town Centre When I went to visit Kingston’s open art space at the market place I was left astonished, as I was told that the arty town has just turned into a young and hip area during the last twenty years.

The establishment of Kingston University as a leading art and design school in London has contributed to the transformation of the town.

A middle-aged pottery artist, who is exhibiting her work in the building in the middle of the square, told me that when she moved to Kingston there had only been one cafe, which was all the town had to offer.

The open art space at Kingston Market space was launched in 2004 and stages two open exhibitions each year.

KU Master students have joined the open art community in Kingston owing to the difficulty to find spaces to show off artistic work in public, the pottery artist added.

Also, many Kingston University students are buying art – at an affordable price – in the open art studio for themselves.

Home and visit my house

Open art spaces in this size are not often found in London.

It is, however, very common to put a shield outside one’s house to attract by-passers to come in to see some home-made art on weekends all over in the country’s capital.

This enables artists to shown off  their work in public and to see if it is appeals to a wider audience.

Additionally, it is an easier – less expensive – way to find buyers and to avoid the process of going through a dealer or gallery.


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