KU fashion graduate wins British Fashion Award

Sophie Hulme's bags are available to buy from Selfridges' website.Kingston graduate Sophie Hulme won the British Fashion Award for emerging talent, thanks to her classical handbag design. 

Her bags are sold in store and online at Seldridges. The price of Sophie’s handbags ranges from £555-£575.

The simple and wearable design of her leather handbags, being sold around the world, propelled her to a high international standing.

Selfridges, the best department store in the world, called her one of London’s brightest talents.

Her own fashion label, producing clothes and accessories, was set up only three weeks after her graduation from Kingston University in 2007.

“She is very busy at the moment, especially after she won last week,“ said Helen Sharpe, her Senior Account Manager.

WatchFineArtsLondon was told that Sophie would like to give an interview, but due to a lack of time she was not able to comment on her latest success.

International media, such as such British and Italian Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar magazine featured her several times since her work has been publically shown at her graduate fashion fair five years ago.

Before coming to Kingston, the talented young designer studied at St. Martins, but transferred to Kingston after the first year as she had wanted her course to be more practical.

She speaks very highly of the teachers and the university, who elected her Student of the Year in 2007. Additionally, did she win the Best Collection award.

Sophie is still in touch with Kingston University and visited KU to talk to fashion students.

“She told us that she wrote her dissertation on how to start your own business. She knew exactly what she wanted,” said Lucinda, a third year KU fashion student.

Lucinda, who is currently competing for an internship with Chloé, has previously worked as an intern for H&M in Stockholm and at Banana Republic in New York.

Sophie describes her designs as “wearable and practical”.

London’s big fashion houses, such as at Liberty, Selfridges, Horby Nicks and others, will be selling her new spring collection soon.

At the moment Sophie is working on her own footwear line.


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