3 thoughts on “Wilde

  1. I just do not believe I am able to agree with Oscar Wlde on this quote. I have been looking at paintings all of my life and I never cease to find something, beautiful and “alive” than a piece of art. discovery never ends.

    1. But if you continue looking at them, have you seriously studied them? read about the art theory about the work or on the biography of the artist?

      1. my father was a painter by profession, meaning , that is how he put food on the table. I grew up with an oil paint palette in my living room and a vast collection of beautiful art books and we used them as toy as children. I ca not remember a time not seeing art. I have travelled the world and been to many many major museums and have seen the master’s work up close so in answer to your question, yes I have seriously studied art and have not only read about art theory , i put it into practice everyday.

        This quote could actually mean something else and I will use something my father use to say often about his own work. When I asked my father if he ever missed or was sorry he had sold certain paintings when he was in his most prolific period of his painting career , he gave an adamant “No!” and explained that for him, the love affair with any painting was in the creation of taking a one dimensional canvas and painting a two dimensional painting upon it. The subject matter, the composition, the colors and the time it took to create the painting was the love affair for him and when he finished he was ready to move on to something else. My father was not lazy as a painter he had at least 5 to 7 canvases going on at once so there was always something for him to do. some paintings were created more freely than others, others were more difficult to achieve. He also said to me he had at least 100 paintings in his mind he wanted to paint at any given moment and never lacked inspiration. in later years some of the painting which he had sold he longed to see again so he somewhat reversed his position. He never loathed anything he created but as he would describe, some paintings worked and others did not.

        Perhaps WIlde was suffering from his own writers block which was momentary and self loathing. I really do not believe this quote should be taken literally.

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