What you want is not always what you need

Foster Huntington in front of his van in the US
Foster Huntington in front of his van in the US

Homeless people who could choose their living situation are not inherent in our system, nor do they work for anyone. Besides caring about the weather, staying healthy and about how to get food, spending time outside on the fresh air is on their daily schedule.

As we are glued on our desks and screens being outdoor 24/7 has become more than special. Have you ever thought about swapping your chair at work and back pain for a more fulfilling way of living? For Foster Huntington  this has come true.

Two years ago, at the age of twenty-three, Foster left his desk job at the world’s flagship of Ralph Lauren in New York and moved into a van. Since then, he has no other place like home apart from his car. He may be homeless – but at least not roofless. After having left New York, he now invests a greater amount of his time in his passions: Surfing, road trips and photography.

“At first I started photography as a hobby. I wanted to take photos in New York, but that is what everyone does.”

Additionally to photography, blogging has become an important part of his life.

“I have started the blog because I wanted to document my own situation to show people that they can own less than they have. In the Western world people are defining themselves by products but it is the sentimental stuff which is important.”

Since blogging requires time, consideration and a strong intrinsic force, he admits that it has taken up a lot of his time. By now, Foster’s blog has told his life-story for the last five years. His goal is to make people aware of that there is more to do and to enjoy in the world as a young person, than being a little piece of a big Apple.

The most important objects of Lang Lang
The most important objects of Lang Lang

His latest project Choices & Dialogues is currently exhibited in the heart of the “arm aber sexy” city Berlin. The exhibition includes photographs from his latest road trips and documents his encounters with various people. Forster met them to ask them without which materialistic object they could not live.

His latest project 1 ist mir wichtig, a follow-up of his first work the Burning House, for which he met young artists, photographers, students, and also high-profile people like the pianist Lang Lang.

None of his exhibited photographs are for sale, there are no labels on the walls next to his works, and no gallery catalog is featuring his work. All you can take away materialistically from his exhibition is a postcard, which you can directly post to a friend at the exhibition space.

Forster’s artistic work is a counter-point to the development of our society, and gives an incentive to think that the colour of  capitalism is not in vogue anymore. There is never the perfect time to start something new, but nevertheless Foster Huntington’s first exhibition in Europe is at least one of the many reasons for reconsidering the philosophy of our current way of living: post-capitalism.


Foster Huntington, Choices & Dialogues, 26. 9. – 6. 10. 2013, Linienstrasse 40, 10119 Berlin-Mitte, curated and organised by B & G Art Management (Isabel Bernheimer & Ala Glasner)


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