Debate: Should Galleries and Museums give equal time and space to female artists?

Published in The Courtauldian, Issue 5, October -November 2013, London

  Statistics distract us from what’s important about art 

What question strikes our mind first when we look at a piece of art? In my opinion it is certainly not whether it was a man or a woman who made it. It is the artist’s creativity and the idea behind the work that I am interested in.

Even though the American art critic Deborah Solomon has raised awareness that most art exhibited this season in the US is made by male artists, I do not think that we have to worry about the downfall of art produced by females.

Comparing the number of exhibitions produced by females to exhibitions by male artists does not tell us anything about contemporary art, but about statistics and ratios. This has noting to do with the aim and the goal of occupying oneself with art, namely with embracing an artist’s creativity translated into a work of art.

I don’t feel as though as artist should care too much about the math and economics of exhibitions and visitor numbers as it distorts the purity and independence of his work. This does not mean that an artist should live isolated from society and the reception of their work, but that it is necessary to draw a line between art and its rated value.


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