Live from the shop window

People enjoy sitting behind a window. They lean back and watch – maybe even with a cup of  tea in their hands. But watching and being looked at happens simultaneously. You cannot say for sure whether they like being looked at, unless you ask. 

Starbucks and other fast food houses have implemented this strategy a long time ago: Come, watch and go. And ideally, there are no responsibilities attached. But that is not how it works. No action is separated from its cause, or its meaning. People’s gazes and deeds remain in the form of memories, or are translated into books, engravings or into stone. Fascinating about them is that, if they are preserved, the future becomes clearer with each look backward. Therefore turning back is equal to

looking forward to something in a different light. Reflecting, analysing without judgement or prejudice, but with naiveté evokes action.

But how often do people consciously take time to look backwards and to reflect on their actions? Each active deed determines inter alia where one’s way will lead. Rushing makes no sense if there is no goal in sight. But just watching passers-by neither shapes no path. What will come after Starbucks and Facebook? After the screen-focused shopping window generation? When will individuals succeed in becoming proactive again?


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