Reading: To connect your imagination with your body

Reading a book expands the coloured areas of your brain, illuminates your eyes, and moves your body. It implants ideas into your head you normally wouldn’t think of. A book’s content is coloured; sometimes it is nearly as wonderful to you as the sunlight. It can magnify your vision if you pay it the plein-air attention it deserves. Why would you buy the book otherwise?

The words captured in a paper book can make you feel good or bad, stimulated or dirty, and for sure – they will make you feel different. Refreshed. Released into a seemingly altered world. But if you are not making sure that you devote your full attention to it, you won’t get into this new space. It is the gap between reading passively without imagineering and actively breathing
in each and every word into your body, which makes you feel alive. Tensionless-relaxed-concentrated: in the flow.

Hence in my opinion, the word reading requires you to be in an attentively burst-open state of your affairs to allow your imagination to go on an unknown journey. Nevertheless, this condition also requires you to be ignorant of your physical needs; and neither your posture, your environment nor your looks matter to you in this transitional state. Guided by vivid imagination, you can easily run mountains up and down – like water. You are escaping from knowledge and experience. Now you are only floating through time, through space.

Marina Abramović, Nude with Skeleton, 2002-05, b/w photograph, Courtesy the Marina Abramović Archives
Marina Abramović, Nude with Skeleton, 2002-05, b/w photograph, Courtesy the Marina Abramović Archives

Put the book down! Get back into your body on the world’s surface! It is still there. Your body hasn’t moved since your mind has wandered off. [Compressed on a sofa or a chair; your lungs squashed inside your rip cage.] May I ask you: how do you connect your imagination to the movements of your body?


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