The Body of History in Motion

‘I think these strict dichotomies between online and offline, including the body, are not sustainable.  […] the physical, organic body is the only thing that can disappear nowadays, whereas your data cannot disappear ever again, it is unerasable, it is immortal, it will always be there.

As for the tools, they are somewhere in between. You can lose your phone but then you can buy a new one, and in that sense the only thing that can disappear is the organic body. But your body is never only your body: it’s always tied to and formed by and informed by these projections. […]

I think that this is absolutely central, as I said at the beginning: I believe that the reason this whole image-production explosion is happening is because history has been unblocked, it’s moving again and things are happening everywhere. And this region in particular is where history is getting unblocked.’

– Hito Steyerl, Spike Magazine Online, #42, Winter, 2014.


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