Let’s talk about life baby

A bathroom

_                         hot steamy

__                                                   red light

___                                                                      a banana and a white mug in the corner,

____                                                                                   the focus is on the naked Richard.

The three of us enter the tiny room. There is a sink, a mirror, a chair and a bathtub inside. One of my two friends sits down at the chair next to the bathtub. His wife keeps standing. She takes pictures of the darkened room. I sit down on the floor,
next to the chair on which my friend

At first, we do not talk. We just look at Richard drinking water from a mug inside the tub. We melt into the red light climate, then we start talking. First, a question;
then a conversation.

a naked conversation

I am wondering, how close are we? Too close? Richard is uncovered, exhibiting his skin (but not his sex) to us. Nevertheless, his body is entirely extradited. He has nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. Not even enough bubbles to disappear underwater. His veins are prompted from the hot water he is sitting in. His body voices his inner state of mind.
Feeling more comfortable in our bodies than him, we start speaking. We care about the reduced level of bubbles around him. I offer to get him more soap. He turns on the water to increase the state of bubbles. Richard peels the banana skin and eats the fresh fruit.

it’s hot

We talk about life. His art school education. Our art history education. How he feels inside the tub, the centre of everyone’s attention. Then, we wonder off into the common talking about our origins,
his parents.

we are all comfortable inside the bathroom

My friends and I don’t want to leave, neither the room, nor Richard. It’s cosy. Intimate. People start gazing inside the room and some enter halfway. They listen to us, talking.

Richard starts feeling more comfortable too

We are distracting him from his nakedness.

Who cares that he is naked?

animals are always naked



Our red bathroom experience, 24 October 2015.
A visual freezing of our red bathroom experience, 24 October 2015.



This piece of writing came into being after the integrated body talking took place as part of the domestic exhibition at Green Lanes, organised by Sarah Rose Cameron et alia.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about life baby

    1. well, to express this in human verbal language: it is us dressing animals. look at small dogs, without clothes, they would be very cold during winter.

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