Lisa Moravec is a fully-funded PhD researcher in the Drama, Theatre, and Dance department at Royal Holloway, University of London, a critic, and a visiting lecturer at Kingston School of Art in London. Her art historical-animal-performance studies research explores intersections of ethical, aesthetic, and political issues of body-based dressage practices in dance, art, and new media works. Focused on horse-human and human relationships in artistic practices mainly after 1968, her PhD develops a historically-rooted theory of intra-species dressage. She studied art history, aesthetic and economic theory, and journalism. She completed the MA in the History of Art at UCL and the Bavarian Master programme Aisthesis. Her writing has been published in artists’ publications, in the academic journals Contemporary Theatre Review [forthcoming] and Photography & Culture, and in the art magazines springerin, EIKON, exeunt magazine, Studio InternationalRussian Art & Culture UK, to name a few. She is currently the co-editor of Royal Holloway’s peer-reviewed postgraduate and early-career journal Platform.