Globalisation promoted at airports

“South-South trade will be norm not novelty”, according to HSBC’s latest advertisements.

It is this advert from the banking and financial services company that is providing us with its insightful observations about the world’s economy.

Every time I set foot on an aeroplane I see the  adverts about the future of the world’s economy –  and I do have to admit they make me smile.

On the one hand, because I think that HSBC has a very smart advertisement department which so expertly uses advertising to put ideas and opinions in people’s heads – which benefits the company. Looking back at the history of the economy and at the stock market, it is clear that people just need some input from those in the know to help form their opinions, et voilà, a new financial bubble or hype is created.

On the other hand, I think that these adverts, news or thought as you might want to call it, should be of interest to everyone in order to better understand how the world in which we are living in works. For example how advertising, PRs, media, politicians work together and to get to know that by the end of the day everything is depending in money in the financial sector.

Notably, in 1991 the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation have set up the headquarters of HSBC in London, from where it is operating its other branches.


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